South Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer Kim Lehrman – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


I often file Chapter 13 Bankruptcies for individuals or married couples.  For example, I recently filed an Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for a lawyer.  He was unable to pay all of his debts, but made income that was high enough for him to pay a small amount back on the debts he owes.  He is paying an amount to a Chapter 13 Trustee each month based on his income and expenses.  It is not a percentage of the amount he owes, but rather is based on his income and expenses.  His payment is around $300 per month and it is very manageable for him based on his level of income.  Payment amounts vary based on household income, expenses, and assets. Once the lawyer is finished with his payment plan, he will receive a discharge order from the judge stating that all his debts are wiped out.