Struggling with debt can be emotionally straining, especially when it seems like there is no solution.  I have helped countless individuals pursue debt-free futures through viable bankruptcy options.

When you speak to me on the phone and meet with me in person, I will provide optimal legal counsel for your situation.  I have 17 years of experience handling individual bankruptcies in South Florida.  I put a great deal of thought into the best solution to your financial issues.  I offer a personalized, not a cookie cutter solution, to each individual.  I work on my own, so you will only meet with me and I will be the only person preparing, filing, and handling your case.  Below is some general information about a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a straight discharge where you do not make payments to your creditors.

There are several situations in which a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be right for you.

First, you qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Your household income needs to be below a certain amount in order to qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Household income includes the income of both spouses.  The income most relevant to the analysis is your household income for the six months prior to filing.

Second, if you do qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, it is appropriate for someone who does not have significant non-exempt assets.  Non-exempt assets are those that are not protected.  Examples of non-exempt assets include a significant amount of money in your bank account, a boat, expensive jewelry, or a valuable car that has no loan attached to it.

Third, if you do qualify, a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is appropriate for an individual who needs to discharge or wipe out unsecured debts such as credit cards, medical bills, old vehicle repossessions, lawsuits, and personal loans.  Student loans are generally not dischargeable in a Bankruptcy. If you are current on your mortgage, you can file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and keep your home.  You will simply continue to make your mortgage payments. You can keep your car and continue to make payments on your car loan or lease if you file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can provide very powerful relief.  The process typically takes less than six months to complete.

I would be happy to speak to you on the phone about your particular situation and meet with you in person as well.  If you would like to speak to me right away, please email me at [email protected] with your phone number.  You can also send me an email through the contact feature on the home page of my website.  I usually will be able to speak to you right away.